Mila Harris-Mussi is atextile designer, maker and artist currently working between Stroud and London.

Mila’s work is processdriven and explores the manipulation of different materialsusing knit as her main practice. She employsa wide range of techniques and resources within her work from casting withresins, complex knitting techniques, innovative yarns to shibori and naturaldying.

These highly experimentalpieces can take the form of a textile, installation, object, film, event orperformance. The process and investigation involved in developing a knittedfabric is at the core of Mila’s practice, and it is through thisexperimentation that the end product is realised. 

Mila studied at Chelsea College of Art and received her bachelors degree in Textile Design with a specialism in Knitted Textiles in 2016.  Her work has been exhibited in London, Paris, Frankfurt and China.

Mila was awarded the Cockpit Arts/Haberdashers' Award in 2017 and had her studio at the Cockpit Arts Deptford site for one year. 

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